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What Is Picosure?

PicoSure utilizes an advanced PressureWave technology to harness wavelengths of light (755nm) through a specialized lens, targeting the skin with direct retroactive care. As the laser energy converts into a gentle pressure, compressing cells in order to activate the natural cell signaling process that stimulates new collagen and elastin growth without damaging the skin. This process disrupts particles responsible for pigment conditions and discolouration, making it an effective way to approach wrinkles, age lines, acne scars, tattoos, sun spots and freckles. The results are self-evident: luminous, healthy, and proactive, so you can get going and get glowing.

Ready to move on with a clean slate? PicoSure has a 1064 handpick for tattoo removal and is the first of its kind, working with your body to remove unwanted ink. While delivering precise and targeted laser energy, ink particles are the only part of your skin touched, leaving the remaining tissue unharmed. Whether you have difficult, previously treated tattoos or bold, dark colours, PicoSure is sure to effectively restore your skin quickly and safely.

Why Choose PicoSure?

Rewrite your DNA to stimulate your cells with wellness that permeates your whole self. Speak to your cells with compassion with a treatment that recodes activity to restore health without invasive or damaging heat. For conditions or unwanted marks that have become disruptive, PicoSure brings order and serenity back to your skin so you can flow in the balance.

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